Under the Silis Project, humanity built its first interstellar ship, capable of reaching a neighboring star. After hundreds of years of travel, the generation ship reached its destination, and found a planet already terraformed to sustain human life. A crashed alien ship led to the next major discovery - the Jump Drive. Engineers from the generation ship repaired the alien vessel, then returned home to Earth - only to discover humanity's birthplace in ruins, its children scattered across the Sol system.

The colonists shared their discovery with the survivors of Sol, and began to ferry people to their new home - Silis Major. The exodus from Sol allowed humanity to spread across the stars. New ships were built, new nations established, and humankind thrived.

Since then, space has only become more dangerous. The larger governments have come into conflict with each other, creating an arms race to weaponize space. Raiders, pirates, and mercenaries have taken shelter on the outskirts of civilization, interrupting trade for the outer systems. Some search for more advanced technology, seeking out any advantage they can find, while others use an ever-growing network of spies to manipulate events around them. With tensions rising, it will be up to the local governors and commanders to decide whether peace will last, or if war will prevail.

Meanwhile, a strange signal has been picked up in the Sol system.

What is Star Commander?

Star Commander (StarCom) is a card game of exploration, colonization, commerce, and conflict. In a single round of StarCom, you are fighting against other would-be empires vying for control of star systems, in order to grow the influence of your nation across the galaxy.

I have been working on Star Commander as a passion project since 2010, with a personal goal of releasing it for sale. For the time being, the game is still in development, but the current state of the cards and the current rules are available to view. As the game continues to be developed, I will be updating the rules and release the final version of the game.

Feel free to reach out on Twitter with any questions/comments/feedback you have!

Latest Update

Domains Overview

Oct 29 2022

Domains are a core concept of the game, and they appear on almost every card. Let's explore what domains are, and how you can take advantage of them throughout the game.