Domains Overview

Oct 29 2022

Domains are a core concept of the game, and they appear on almost every card. Let's explore what domains are, and how you can take advantage of them throughout the game.

Card Changes for 0.9.5

Oct 28 2022

After reviewing the flow of the game, five cards have been cut and three cards have been added.

New Ship Designs

Oct 15 2022

After some recent playtesting, it became clear that ships needed a redesigned card template.

Example Playthrough

Jan 31 2022

I have been working on Star Commander as a passion project since 2010. Let's take a look at how the game plays with the current prototype.

7.3 Notes

Feb 05 2019

Since the last post, I have taken a break from design, as I wasn't sure the best way forward. I've done some play testing, and while results were mostly positive, there were some aspects of the game that clearly needed work.

7.1 Destroyer Nerf

Sep 07 2018

Part of the 7.1 rules change was introducing ships that you could always build, without playing a card from your hand.

The Lyre War

Sep 05 2018

A story-driven retelling of a game of Star Commander (version 0.7.1)

Version 0.7.1 Update

Aug 28 2018

After a recent successful playtest, I got a lot of great feedback.